So you want a lower range?

Here are 4 easy steps to a lower vocal range. I can’t guarantee this will take you to the level of Basso Profundo, but what have you got to lose?

1. Think about a comfortable high pitch to start on – hear it in your head first.

2. Initiate the pitch with the mind picture of an elevator starting in the Penthouse.

3. Begin to slide on the syllable “HEEE”, pitch to pitch, down to the lowest note of your singing range. With each note, picture the elevator on a steady, smooth and effortless ride to the bottom.

4. As you reach the bottom of your range it is important to balance the decrease in airflow, the amount of resonating space in the chest cavity, and the amount of muscular control used. As the doorman, experiment with access to these areas. The ability to negotiate the space in the “basement” is directly related to how low you can sing and how warm your tone sounds.

NOTE: Do not “push” the voice in this range at all. It is better to relax and decrease your airflow, while continuing to support with the diaphragm. With productive vocal practice and repetition the strength of that vocal range will increase. Pushing the voice in this range will only result in stress/damage to the voice organ and delayed vocal development.

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